Clap Your Hands to Raury's New Video For "Devil's Whisper"

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

The incredibly creative and Coachella-esc vibe for Raury‘s visuals to his track, “Devil’s Whisper” — just makes a person want to run freely in an open field of green grass and daisies, during a warm Summer day.

He sings:

“I’ll tell the truth / I promise you / The world may frown upon the things I have to do.

And almost instantaneously, those lines vibrate the exact description of the title.

If you haven’t yet heard about this young man, (and yes, I said “young man” because he is at a ripe age of 18-years old) — nonetheless, Raury is considered a Prince Of The Post-Genre Generation. An Atlanta native, he has lot a new fire in the ATL, whose fans include Lorde and Andre 3000. Raury is a new kind of artist but when you hear him you understand. Listen to “Devil’s Whisper” below:


Not too long ago, we were beckoned with the thought of Raury being the future of hip-hop. As he sat down with Sway in the crew in-studio, peep this quick little clip from the interview, where Raury decides to throw an ill freestyle (and coincidentally in the same context of his newest track release), he also spoke to Sway about the good and evil in music. Check out this gem of an interview, below:

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