Ciara Pays Tribute To Her Mother, "Jackie," In New Album

Ciara Pays Tribute To Her Mother, "Jackie," In New Album

It’s been nearly two years since Ciara’s self titled album hit the shelves but the wait is now over for her 6th studio LP as “Jackie” is available to stream and purchase through Epic Records.

Named after her mother, “Jackie” contains 16 new tracks including “I Bet” and “That’s How I’m Feelin'”  featuring Pitbull and “One, Two Step” collaborator Missy Elliott.

In a conversation with W Magazine, Ciara outlines her thinking behind the album by saying:

“Even though there has been musical and personal growth, this album really takes me back in time, to when I didn’t overthink the creative process. Before, I would have saidGoodies was my favorite album, but now I believe Jackie is my best body of work.”

Take a spin through “Jackie” below and head over to Twitter and let us know what you think @SwaysUniverse

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