CIA Veteran Jack Devine Talks 'Good Hunting, An American's Spy Story', Sony Hack and Baltimore

Jack Devine is a specialist when it comes to crisis management and problem solving, both skills are very needed right now with the growing tensions. The most recent catalyst occurring in Baltimore. After over 30 years of proudly serving in the CIA, you have to believe he has a great view point on things that are occurring not only in Baltimore but sadly nationwide.

What about the idea of someone being placed in the middle of the protests to stir things up turning it into chaos rather than actually contributing to the cause? Is it possible? Is it occurring in Baltimore right now as we speak? Doesn’t seem to think so as it the actions appear to be more emotional than political.  The interview also includes an interesting clip from President Obama‘s speech regarding the Baltimore situation.

Sway also touches on the cyber hacking Sony scare that included a threat on any theaters that chose to show ‘The Interview‘ at their location. Which presents the question to Jack Devine of what direction we are headed in as technology improves increasing access to information? Devine also transitions into the idea of drugs being purposely spread in certain communities.

His book Good Hunting, An American’s Spy Story is available right now and should make for a great read.

Mike Muse made an appearance as well contributing a very strong answer to the “why” and “how” the Baltimore situation and others like it occur when millions are being pumped into the community a few streets away.

Enjoy the full discussion between Sway, Jack Devine and Mike Muse below:

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