Christon Gray’s “The Glory Album” came out hot in March nabbing a No. 5 stop on the Billboard R&B chart as well as No.6 on the Christian charts. First connecting with Sway and the crew in Detroit during an event with Joel Osteen, Gray stopped by the studio this week for a deeper look into his life and music.

Inspired by MoTown greats, Gray talks about growing up in Ohio with a religious family. Having a father as a pastor and brother who went into the same line of work he jokes about being the weird artistic one in the family.

Meeting his wife at a young age and getting married soon there after Gray talks about the ups and downs in his relationship and how music plays into it. With a four-year-old daughter he explains that the last few years have been some of the toughest he has faced.

Talking through he faith he chuckles at the fact that many people don’t believe Christian artists go through the same issues as artists that don’t use their platform to talk about faith. Jokingly asked about Christian groupies, Gray tells Sway that he has seen a good amount of women that have reached out to him through his music.

Getting into the music he speaks on his songs “Stop Me” and “Blackmail,” the latter of which was written as a love story between a black male and a white female who fall in love to cover the topic of racial injustice.

Touching on other subjects such as weed, alcohol and ‘mumble rap,’ Gray’s level-headed nature shines through each and every word. He also takes on the 5 Fingers of Death and skates to success.

Watch below and follow Christian Gray on Twitter  @christongray.

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