Christian Rapper KB Gives His Opinion on Caitlyn Jenner, Bringing Clarity to People Through his Music + Performs "I Believe" & "Sideways" Live In Studio

Florida native KB comes from a group of inspiring artists that should be very familiar to citizens of Sway In The Morning.  Boasting talent such as Lecrae and Andy Mineo, Reach Records has been carving their own creative path to success with a platform full of positive music.  We had the pleasure to sit down with KB to discuss his music as well his faith and what led him to Reach Recods.

Discovered through his own HGA (His Glory Alone) movement in Florida, KB tells us the story of going through his Reach paperwork at Starbucks after being picked up from his grandmothers home by CEO Ben Washer.  Having a serious connection with the vision of Reach Records, KB speaks on the advice he’s received from Lecrae and Andy Mineo.

Breaking down his music, KB discusses his vision in bringing clarity to people through his music and his ultimate goal of changing peoples lives.  With a strong background in music after playing the trumpet and singing at an early age, KB talks about merging South Florida trap with live strings and an orchestra.

In between questions and gracing us with his wisdom, KB steps up the mic to perform two giant sounding records in “I Believe” and “Sideways” from his recent album “Tomorrow We Live.”  If you don’t already have the project you can grab it on iTunes.

To wrap things up KB opens up to give his perspective on the subject of Caitlyn Jenner, ultimately coming to the conclusion that he wants the same thing as her and that is to be genuinely happy.

You can catch the full interview below and follow along with Reach Records and KB on Twitter @reachrecords and @KB_HGA.

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