Chris Webby Speaks on New Project "Jamo Neat," Running His Own Label + Freestyles

Chris Webby has been in the rap game perfecting flows for quite some time now.  Kicking off the 5th year of Sway in the Morning, Webby joins the crew to speak on his new project “Jamo Neat.”

Dropping under his own label, Homegrown Music, Webby breaks down how running his own business has helped his own career and made making music go much smoother.

Chris Webby’s interests span much further than music as he speaks on his time at Comic Con and working with the company IGN to play shows for video game lovers.  Hinting at his own video game, Webby reveals that he would love to be a character in the next Grand Theft Auto game.

Webby ends his time on Sway in the Morning doing what he does best, rapping his ass off.  Dropping some exclusive verses over Vic Mensa’s “U Mad” and Kanye West’s timeless classic “Drive Slow,” Webby holds nothing back and Sway talks his shit.  Make sure to grab “Jamo Neat” on iTunes now.

Watch him freestyle below.

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