Chris Skillz Gives Hip-Hop a Refreshing Sound With his New Album "Yesterday's Tomorrow"

We saw a number of different marketing ploys and unique album releases in 2014 so it’s no surprise that 2015 is shaping up to take that to the next level.

Enter Chris Skillz, with the follow up to his “Before Dawn” mixtape the Mid Atlantic emcee comes at us with a raw, head nodding album titled “Yesterday’s Tomorrow.” Setting the scene in a group therapy session this gritty, classic sounding album tells the story of each member in attendance as they explain the struggles they have gone through in their life.

Complete with the hard hitting single “Voices” featuring Raekwon, “Yesterday’s Tomorrow” is an album that makes you want to press play, sit back, close your eyes and let the lyrical brush paint you a vivid picture of each distinct track.  Working with producers Kyle Owens, Aviles, Sean Turk and Tantu for a nostalgic 90’s feel, this album is a refreshing sound for hip-hop fans everywhere.  Stream the project below and make sure to head over to iTunes to support as well, you can link on Twitter as well @ChrisSkillz.


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