Chris Rock Names Top 5 Best Rappers & Comedians + Who He Fears on Sway in the Morning

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Funny-man, Chris Rock, is on a promo run for his new movie, Top 5 (which Sway is in too) and paid us a visit on Sway in the Morning to talk about it.

It was only right to ask him what his Top 5 list was in the comedy world and in hip-hop. He argues that LL Cool J is still in his Top 5 of all-time list, meanwhile Drake is in his Top 5 of right now.

When it comes to comedy, he claims Richard Pryor is the best to ever do it. Bill Cosby is still one of the best story tellers and that Dave Chappelle ensues fear in his heart on stage. We even played a game where we put two comedians side by side, and he picked the better one.

  • Steve Harvey vs Damon Wayans
  • Chris Tucker vs Monique
  • Jamie Foxx vs Kevin Hart
  • Martin Lawrence vs. Dave Chappelle

Find out his answers below, plus watch him weigh in with his two cents on Ferguson, Eric Garner and even talks about the racial profiling that he’s experienced.

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