Chris Brown Turns Trouble Into Passionate Question of “What Would You Do?”

What would you do if you were being targeted by the media constantly and made out to be an unstable being when in reality you were just a passionate singer/entertainer who is a loving father and trying to mature so that he can set a good example for his daughter? In light of his recent trouble, including the LAPD flying helicopters over his house for hours on end, Chris Brown takes to the studio and uses the moment to fuel his creativity through music with “What Would You Do?”

The song doesn’t come out anything like you would expect given the situation, you would probably be expecting CB to hit us with a powerful ballad full of emotion but he takes things towards a more uptempo fun-filled instrumental as he expresses his frustrations in a positive way. Stay strong, away from the nonsense and keep making great music.

Check it out below:

sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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