Chicago's Best Kept Secret, Mick Jenkins has come out with "Alchemy"

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

If Chicago hip-hop eccentric Mick Jenkins isn’t already on your radar, he will be soon. The young MC’s second mixtape The Water[s]  was a highly appreciated album, last year.

This latest track begins, just as the title suggests: in Alchemy.

In his latest release — Mick throws a deeper level of thinking from the jump, with the thought:

“…start from the (scraps) and (redefine) what society thinks is quality. “

Begging you to question your own thoughts by stating:

“Like who thought of the ‘Gold Standards‘; the ‘ Have’s ‘ ?

The ‘Have Not’s’ ask not what you could do for them, but What have you done?

When you’re sick and you’re tired or you’re hungry or you’re thirsty — and you take that first bite or drink — you sip slow.”

The track then catapults itself, to solidify the songs message:

“Because truth is harsh and it burns, but it’s also vindictive. You want more until you (broken by a trap beat) drink — more — water.”

A poetic take on the reality of life, indeed. Take a listen to “Alchemy” in full, below:


A few weeks ago, Mick Jenkins came through Sway In The Morning to perform “Waters” live, during SXSW. In this track, this Chi-Town native explains why water is more important to him than gold. Watch his performance, below:


With that being said, Mick admits that he may not be where he is without the help of social media. During the live recording of Sway In The Morning at Nice Kicks (SXSW) — Mick Jenkins speaks on perception and misconstrue truths on social media. Watch this man preach:

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