Atlanta’s own, Future, has had quite a week. After dropping off a brand new, surprise album, Future is back once again today, this time around with a look inside the album. Today Future provides a look at the production credits for his latest album, the self-titled album that dropped this past Friday.

This time around the he’s is back giving us a look at the production credits from the project, giving us a look at the slew of producers included. The project features beats from The Beat Bully & Chef Tate, DJ Khaled, TM88, Southside, Frank Dukes, Jake One and many more along the way. Have a look at the full list of credits below. Stay tuned for much more from Future coming very soon. Head over to iTunes and Get your copy of the project immediately if you have not already done so.

Future – Future (Production Credits)

  1. Rent Money (Prod. by The Beat Bully & Chef Tate, co-prod. DJ Khaled)
  2. Good Dope (Prod. by TM88)
  3. Zoom (Prod. by Southside, Fuse & !llmind)
  4. Draco (Prod. by DJ Spinz & Dun Deal)
  5. Super Trapper (Prod. by DY, Wheezy & TM88)
  6. POA (Prod. by Southside & Sonny Digital)
  7. Mask Off (Prod. by Southside, Frank Dukes & Cubeatz)
  8. High Demand (Prod. by TM88, DY & Tre Pounds)
  9. Outta Time (Prod. by Southside & Jake One)
  10. Scrape (Prod. by Southside)
  11. I’m So Groovy (Prod. by Tre Pounds)
  12. Might as Well (Prod. by Tarentino)
  13. Poppin’ Tags (Prod. by Southside & MP808)
  14. Massage in My Room (Prod. by DY, MP808 & RaRa)
  15. Flip (Prod. by Southside & TM88)
  16. When I Was Broke (Prod. by Zaytoven & OZ)
  17. Feds Did a Sweep (Prod. by Zaytoven & Cassius Jay)

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