Check Out Iván Navarro’s ‘Impenetrable Room’ In London

Check Out Iván Navarro’s ‘Impenetrable Room’ In London

The world of art is no stranger to the world of technology. We have seen the two come together for some impressive installations in the past, but nothing quite like what we see today. Today we get to Check Out Iván Navarro’s ‘Impenetrable Room’ In London. This unique installation can be found at the Masterpiece art fair in Chelsea, London that showcases the latest in contemporary art, design, and antiquities.

This unique design features six shipping containers that feature neon tubing and mirrors and that create an intriguing “infinity” effect. Navarro spoke on the design with Wallpaper, stating: “I think of this almost as a fourth dimension, that is reflection or fiction.” He went on to add “It was important to achieve this connection between illusion and the real space.” Check out the images below for a closer look and check out the installation until July 5th. Stay tuned for more from the world of art and design coming soon!

Photos provided by Andy Barnham

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