Check Out “Ego” From Upcoming Rap Group FREEWIFI

Check Out “Ego” From Upcoming Rap Group FREEWIFI

Minneapolis-based rap trio Tha Rift, J. Plaza and Daddy Dinero compromise a new movement known as FREEWIFI. They recently performed at Soundset on Heather B’s “Fith Element” stage. We caught wind that FREEWIFI just signed to independent record label Rostrum Records and are currently working on their debut album.

The collective’s name comes from connecting through social media before meeting each other in person in 2016. “FREEWIFI reps the unity of us coming together, we are three different MC’s from different walks of life, but we connected through social media and phones before we connected in person,” said Tha Rift. “We also reach and impact our society by living a free lifestyle and encouraging others to live free spirited.  Who doesn’t like free wifi?”

Their first joint effort “Ego” has become a local success. The track has the rappers spitting self praising, arrogant bars over an upbeat tempo. Watch their music video below and let us know your thoughts.

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