Check Out Dahi Divine’s New Track “Outro/Sway My Way”

Not yet familiar with the sounds and talents of Dahi Divine? Well, today that will all change as the jazz artist, producer, singer, pianist and more is back with a brand new track. Today Dahi Divine drops off a solid new track called “Outro/Sway My Way” showing off his smooth talents and his effortless abilities. No stranger to the music world, Dahi has worked with Rihanna and more, and today drops off a solid new track for our listening enjoyment. The first section features Dahi doing his thing over top of some smooth piano melodies while “Sway My Way” provides a more upbeat approach.

Speaking on the track, Dahi stated, “[‘Sway My Way’] speaks on all the things I have come to learn as a person who is trying to make it as an artist.” He went on to add that “It’s a funky uptempo song that brings a lively soulful party vibe to my upcoming Soundsmith project, which tells the story of finding my way as a saxophonist and composer in New York and moving back home in Philly to pursue my dreams, surrounded by family and ‘day one’ supporters.” Check out the new track in the stream below and speak your thoughts on it after the jump. Stay tuned for much more from Dahi Divine coming very soon!

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