Check Out Apple’s 12 Best-Designed Apps of 2017

Check Out Apple’s 12 Best-Designed Apps of 2017

Another day, another new dose of news from the good folks over at Apple. This time around it is not about their new devices or operating systems. Instead, we get a look at the 12 best-designed apps for 2017.

Apple serves up a look at some hand-picked apps that have obtained “outstanding design and innovation.” This includes everything from puzzles to games, coloring books and so much more. Have a look at the top 12 below and let us know your thoughts in the comments. Head over to Apple and get your favorites immediately!

Top 12 Best-Designed Apps of 2017


Splitter Critters

Mushroom 11

Old Man’s Journey




Kitchen Stories

Things 3

Elk Currency Converter


Airmail 3

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