Charlo Brothers Speak on “Whooping the Champion’s A**” on Sway in the Morning

Boxing twins Jermell and Jermall Charlo stopped by the studio and talked their upcoming fights, maintaining a life outside of boxing, and Mayweather v. McGregor predictions.

The brothers are in town for Jermall’s upcoming fight against Jorge Sebastian Heiland. Jermall revealed that he’s been studying Heiland for some time now. He knows everything from his gym to his diet plan. Seems as though he’s going the extra mile to make 25-0 record 26-0.

Jermell and Jermall explain that at this point it’s not a question of whether they are good or not. They’re now fighting to show the world what they can do. More eyes bring them more money, which can take them over the top into being mentioned with the Pacquiaos and Broners of the sport.

Check out the full interview below to hear their unanimous Mayweather v. McGregor prediction and Jermall’s game plan for his upcoming fight.

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PT. 2 Charlo Brothers Plan on “Whooping the… by SwaysUniverse

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