Charlie Sheen Admits to Being HIV Positive

Charlie Sheen Admits to Being HIV Positive

Charlie Sheen decided to step out in front of the onslaught of rumors being flung in his direction regarding whether or not reports were true that he was HIV positive. In a courageous discussion on the Today show, Sheen openly admitted to having it as well as the fact that he has been living with it for the past 4 years.

The popular movie actor and familiar face on the hilarious ‘Two and a Half Men’ honestly answers the tough questions that we knew would surface once the announcement took place. While he says “Those are tough 3-words to absorb”, being open and transparent was always the case when involving others. Unfortunately that honesty hurt him as some began turning it into a way to get funds out of Sheen – (shame).

After a certain point, he said he just needed to put an end to all of the rumors/reports and birage of invalid explanations. What’s next? Well hopefully from this the attention turns onto each and every one of us to be aware of status getting regular checkups and taking care of ourselves. Let’s hold each other accountable to staying safe.

If you missed his announcement, catch the video below:

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