Charles Hamilton Gives the Real on The Infamous Punch, Psychiatric Help & Freestyles Live

Getting back into the game after a hiatus following some personal issues, the incredibly talented Charles Hamilton stops by the Sway In The Morning studios to open up and drop some serious knowledge on his rise and fall both musically and mentally.

Coming up in the digital age, Hamilton discusses having conversations with fans via AOL Instant Messenger and making sure there was always a line of communication between himself and those that followed him.  We also hear about an early conversation with Eminem and wishing he could inspire others like Em inspired him.

Digging deep into his early music and career we hear Hamilton candidly speak about feeling withdrawn and cutting himself open by taking shots at himself in his music.  Hamilton outlines the events that surrounded the infamous punch and why he felt like giving up.

Being diagnosed with bi-polar disorder in 2010, Hamilton holds nothing back when speaking on living in a mental hospital and his problems with the psychiatric system.  Learning to write raps in his head because his hands were too shaky to physically write we hear how Hamilton saw similarities between the booth in the studio and the padded room in the hospital.

Learning to take care of himself and make more positive music Hamilton speaks on his new management and making sure he is constantly surrounded by positive, caring people.  Hamilton will appear on next week’s episode of FOX’ “Empire” to perform a brand new song with Rita Ora.  Sit back and let the passion and transparency of Charles Hamilton inspire you in the full interview below.  Oh yeah, Charles also CRUSHED the Five Fingers Of Death.  Enjoy.

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