Change Your Morning With This Blueberry Breakfast Cake

Change Your Morning With This Blueberry Breakfast Cake

When we think of breakfast food, we generally don’t think about cake. Well, that all changes today as we get a look at a recipe for some Blueberry Breakfast Cake. This brilliantly sweet and stunning recipe comes from the good folks over at Food Fanatic, who again provide something amazing to kick start your day.

This unique recipe is a perfect companion for your morning coffee, made with just a little bit of flour; this custard-like cake is flawless. Easy and effective, this is a great, tasty treat that will certainly change your morning routine for the better. Do yourself a favor and check out the full recipe for these Blueberry Breakfast Cakes right here and give us your thoughts on the final results below. Stay tuned for many more great sweets and treats coming soon.

Photo provided by Food Fanatic

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