Chance The Rapper’s 3rd Mixtape “Coloring Book” is Now Available to Stream

Chance The Rapper’s 3rd Mixtape “Coloring Book” is Now Available to Stream

It’s what most of the music world has been waiting for since the 2013 release of Chance The Rapper’s last solo project, following up “10 Days” and “Acid Rap,” “Coloring Book” is now here for the world to enjoy. Jumping on a multitude of tracks from some of the industry’s finest along with releasing a joint project with The Social Experiment, Chance The Rapper has been building his brand along with his sound and love for Chicago over the last few years.

Keeping things local with fellow Chicago artists artists Kanye West, Jeremih, Saba, Towkio, Knox Fortune, Eryn Allen Kane and Noname Chance also brings in assists from Young Thug, Lil Yachty, Justin Bieber, Jay Electronica, Future, T-Pain and D.R.A.M..

You can head to Chance The Rapper’s website to stream via Apple Music. Oh, and why you’re there you can custom make your own Chance 3 merch.

More updates to follow, but for now send us your thoughts on Twitter @SwaysUniverse.

UPDATE: You can now stream “Coloring Book” without a subscription to Apple Music via Datpiff.

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