Cesar Millan Talks “Audible For Dogs” and Creating Bonds With Dogs

Cesar Millan Talks “Audible For Dogs” and Creating Bonds With Dogs

With over 25 years of canine experience, being a public speaker, and being nominated for an Emmy for the show, “Dog Whisperer,” Cesar Millan comes to the studio to sit down with Sway In The Morning.  As Millan sits with the cast, he breaks down the formula on how to create a bond with a dog.

When dealing with dogs you must use all three interactions to create a bond with a dog. “It’s a formula to make a bond with a dog; mental stimulation, exercise, and affection,” said Millan. As everyone in the room pays deep attention to Millan, as he is teaching them things about caring for dogs he begins to discuss the ideas of “Audible for Dogs.”

“Audible for Dogs” focusses on a dog that is calm and respectable. “Calmness equals everything people want,” said Millan. He talks about how a dog needs reassurance in a calm state of mind. Millan tells the crew that the Audible is a tool that you use once the dog achieves the “tired” state. Once the dog gets tired, you play the audible then you repeat that cycle.

“Audible For Dogs” is available right now! Watch below as Cesar Millan talks about the different type of bonds a dog needs!

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