Celebrating The Life of J Dilla

Celebrating The Life of J Dilla

February 10, 2006.  A date cemented in the brains of hip-hop heads, vinyl junkies, producers, rappers and the city of Detroit, Michigan for eternity.  To these people today’s date is a matter of mourning, reminiscing and most importantly celebrating the life of James Dewitt “J Dilla” Yancey who would have turned 41 on Saturday (February 7).

Regarded as one of the greatest producers who has ever lived, J Dilla’s contributions to the hip-hop and neo-soul world are un-matched by any other.  Working with the likes of Slum Village, Pete Rock, The Roots, A Tribe Called Quest, Erykah Badu and many more, J Dilla’s sounds influenced the groundwork for urban music as we see it today.

The annual Dilla Weekend festival took place this past weekend in Miami hosted by Dilla’s mother aka Ma Dukes.  The festival featured performances from Slum Village, Pete Rock, Mobb Deep, Joey Bada$$ and Talib Kweli.  We’ve included some social media support of Dilla Day as well as an inside look into Dilla doing what he did best as shared by Questlove and Okayplayer, check it out below.  Rest in beats James Dewitt Yancey.

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