Don't get stuck in a "Catfish Love" Chris Rivers and Tyler Woods let us in on the game

By Maria-Karmina

The internet – social media – online dating — it’s all true. Right? Love is love. Right??

Well, the MTV phenomenon show titled, “Catfish” might prove otherwise. Catfish is a T.V. series where online daters end up finding themselves in deep love — and the hosts of the show pop in, to pretty much sh!t on the couples show, and tell either-one-of-the-two (behind the computer screen) that he/she just got “catfished” and it was all a lie. Welp, if you haven’t seen it yet — you’re welcome.

Big Pun’s son, Chris Rivers and his homie, Tyler Woods have thrown some bars on our generations form of computer love in their latest track collab, brilliantly titled, “Catfish Love.” The tune begins with the 1985 R&B classic, “Computer Love” by Zapp & Roger — but we soon find the voices of Chris Rivers and Tyler Woods on top of it explaining their form of computer love.  Chris Rivers begins with the bars:

Met her on Facebook/Hit her on Twitter/Sent her a DM of my Johnson on Insta … I’m hoping she send back a sexy picture

Listen to this really creative tune “Catfish Love” down under:

Here is the original classic, “Computer Love” by Zapp & Roger:


Take it back to when Chris Rivers cracked jokes and crushed the mic on Sway In The Morning:


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