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Cast of “The Man in 3B” Speak on Similarities Between Indie Film & Music + Never Giving Up on Dreams

When great minds come together and work purely from passion and drive they accomplish incredible things, November 6 is a day to mark on the calendar to witness such a thing.  Starring the likes of Lamman Rucker, Brely Evans, Olivia Longott and Robert Ri’chard, “The Man in 3B” is being brought to theaters as an independent film.

Speaking on the art of filmmaking, the stars of the film go into depth about the process that went into this work of art.  From the novel by Carl Webber to a screenplay to coming to life through these talented professionals, the film should be an incredible experience.

Coming from all walks of life, Rucker, Evans, Longott and Ri’chard all fill Sway in on their other career opportunities at the moment and how they fed into the energy of their collaborative film.

Check out the full interview and make sure to mark November 6 on your calendar.

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