Cassidy Confidently Reflects Asking "Who Gone Help Me"

Cass the Hustler aka Mr. Chicken. Whichever name you prefer to call him probably depends on when you became a fan. That stretch of time between the two has proven to be tough but growth filled for Cassidy and he gives us his perspective on how it has affected him. Now he almost feels like everything is on him as he sings “I do it alone cus I’m all on my own, who gone help me?” As the song progresses you can sense his confidence coming back full throttle with lines like, “Now I’m willing and I’m able | Not gonna stop spilling until a deal is on the table | Been the man way before InstaGram | Had thorough bars way before Worldstar.”Guess he ended up answering his own question.

Check out the new drop from Cassidy “Who Gone Help Me” below:

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