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Carl's Jr. Commercial Sensation Charlotte McKinney Speaks on Getting More Views than Heidi Klum and Kim Kardashian, Instagram Models & Being All Natural

Fresh off turning heads during the Super Bowl, Carl’s Jr’s new spokeswomen Charlotte McKinney joins the Sway In The Morning studios to show why she was the perfect girl for the all natural campaign.

Growing up in Florida and later moving to LA, McKinney speaks on her road to becoming a Super Bowl commercial sensation. We hear McKinney discuss not being a trained actress as she details her forthcoming movie with David Spade.

We also hear McKinney speak on the difference between trained models and Instagram models, not taking her commercial too seriously and her taste in men as Sway inquires about grabbing a drink. Oh yeah one more thing, McKinney’s commercial debut beat out Heidi Klum and Kim Kardashian for the most viewed Carl’s Jr. commercial of all time! Hear her thoughts on that as well as the rest of the conversation below.

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