Carla Gugino Tells Us Why She Isn't Included in Entourage 2 + She Speaks on Inhaling Weed while Growing Up in a TiPi & Working With The Rock Who Has an Arm the Size of Her Waist

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

Actress, Carla Gugino discussed her role in M. Night Shyamalan‘s first venture into television with the series, “Wayward Pines” — which also features our friend, Terrance Howard.

In her sit-down with Sway and the crew, she not only speaks on her personal projects, but naturally, the good-hearted woman even promotes Entourage (#2) which she isn’t even included in! That’s how you know you got a solid one on your side.

Considering that Carla literally grew up in an Native American Indian – TiPi, with her Mother in Paradise, California. Yes I said it. The beautiful Carla Gugino lived in one of those tent looking things, that we went to visit for a field trip for American History class.

With that being said, it doesn’t seem like she has outgrown her roots yet as Carla also speaks on her upcoming action film “San Andreas” with The Rock (Dwayne Johnson), and the HBO political satire series “The Brink.”

 Watch the whole interview between Carla Gugino and Swat Sway, below:


Remember to keep an eye-out on “Wayward Pines” on FOX Network which is sneaking up on us — premiering in 125 countries, in just a few days (May 14th). Peep the chilling trailer, below:

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