Cardi B, Fat Joe, and Anuel AA release scorching hot track “Yes”

Cardi B, Fat Joe, and Anuel AA release scorching hot track “Yes”

Fat Joe teamed up with Cardi B and Puerto Rican rapper Anuel AA on “Yes”.
Cardi B teased us on social media prior to the release of the track letting us know it was going to be fire and they definitely did not disappoint.

The track fuses a Spanish salsa flavor with a sample of Willie Colón and Hector Lavoe’s classic, “Aguanilé” and blends it with the hard hip hop beat to give us a hard musical genre-bending track.

Cardi B kicks off her verse by changing it up and adding some flavor to her name by calling herself, “La Cardi”. She dominates her verse spitting, “I been in my bag, hoppin’ out of jets”
“Been running shit, still ain’t out of breath”/I can lay a verse and lay these hoes to rest.”

The repeating chorus, “Yes, ass up, face down” keeps you in a trance along with the sampled beat and Anuel AA keeps the flavor alive in the track with his verses as he spits his rhymes in Spanish.

Fat Joe gives a shoutout to his upcoming album release titled “Family Ties” that is said to be produced by Cool & Dre and we can also expect “Yes” to make an appearance on the album. Cardi B is preparing for her follow-up of Invasion of Privacy and Anuel AA still continues to climb the charts with his pop hit “China”.

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