Captain Sig Hansen Explains Escaping Death on Deadliest Catch + Challenges Sway to the Ship

The men of Sway’s favorite show, The Deadliest Catch, stopped by Sway in the Morning.

Captain Sig Hansen and Jake Anderson opened up about life on the sea, working 20+ hours a day and how they escaped death. While in-studio with us Captain Sig admitted — he hates being called a reality TV show — “it’s a documentary,” he says.

While on the job, they’re away from home for months at a time — meaning they’re away from family too. They candidly spoke about how their wives truly feel about that, and why they don’t really like having women on-board.

They also talked about the strangest things they pulled on-board, including a toilet and an alligator skull.

Watch below as they dig deep in Sway’s Mystery Sack — and even challenge Sway to join them on the ship! Catch the Deadliest Catch on Discovery Channel.

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