Cam’ron Hosts New Game Show “Word Up”

Cam’ron Hosts New Game Show “Word Up”

Is Cam’ron looking to host a game show in the next phase of his career? He has had a successful rap career, several business ventures…why not give Steve Harvey and Pat Sajak a run for their money.

Hpnotiq has partnered with Cam on a new promotion where he is helping to reset the brand by putting on a one man game show, where he is both the host and contestants. It might just be a promo for now, but maybe it is in the cards.

The Dipset rapper may be taking a page out of his good friend Alex Trebek’s book.After all, we all know Mr. Giles has been the subject of questions on Jeopardy before. Who remembers this ill moment in Hip-Hop history:

The “Boss of All Bosses” has also referenced Trebek in his rhymes on occasion with lines, like this verse from “Halftime Show”:

“Like Alex Trebek, you’re in “Jeopardy”
Yesiree, got the recipe,
Give ya a tech, but nope, not a referee.”

One thing is for sure, Cam is always going to give you something to talk about.

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