Cam’ron Delivers a Few Shoutouts Down Memory Lane in “U Wasn’t There” Video

Cam’ron Delivers a Few Shoutouts Down Memory Lane in “U Wasn’t There” Video

Dipset. Dipset. Dipset. Ooowwww. Killa Cam has been one of the biggest names off the strength of what he’s already done for the New York scene. As he puts it, now “winding down” his career in music is seemingly allowing him to speak on some things that he’s been wanting to say but just hadn’t felt like the time was right. That moment has arrived and Cam’ron isn’t leaving anyone out that was pivotal as a youngster or played a major role in his career.

This offers a different perspective given the transparency of it and him truly opening up to fans in a song mentioning his childhood sweetheart, grandmother and family issues. But, then still offering day one followers something they did not already know about one of their favorite artists as he shares tales of him and Big L working together to getting his first deal.

When you ask what separates GREAT rappers from the rest, storytelling and mentally drawing the listener a picture is very high on that list. In this one, Cam’ron took a second to step away from the flashy demeanor to paint us a humble yet expressive picture of what made him who he is coupled with scenes from memory lane.

Check it out below and stay tuned for updates on ‘Purple Haze 2

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