Camilla Luddington aka “Dr. Jo Wilson” of Grey’s Anatomy Hints at Season Finale and Having “Jungle Fever”

Video by PVA Ent

If you know Shonda Rhimes and her quality work, chances are you’re a fan of our guest Camilla Luddington who stars in Grey’s Anatomy as “Dr. Jo Wilson”.

All the way from London, where she began acting at the age of 5 – this was all she ever wanted to do and it shows through the grind of waitressing while catching the bus in LA. Ironically it was the theme music from Grey’s Anatomy that kept her motivated daily on her path to acting.

As we enter the home stretch of another season, only two episodes remaining we try to pull a few spoilers out but we’ll just all have to tune in at the same time, this Thursday 8/7C. DB was able to get some insight from the on screen doctor with a game of “Sway’s Anatomy” and the answers were hilarious. What a difference between LA and London slang!

Check it out above.

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