Cameron Diaz Talks "Annie," Diddy and Breaks Down Tabloid Media

Cameron Diaz Talks "Annie," Diddy and Breaks Down Tabloid Media

Out promoting her new movie “Annie” that hits theaters on Dec. 19, Cameron Diaz discusses the differences in the new take on the classic film, breaks down the tabloid media and rumors about Diddy.

With one of the most energetic and down to earth personalities in Hollywood, Diaz jokes about Jay Z and Will Smith making her breakfast on set while Sway tries to get her to sing live in the studio.

Breaking down the differences between the new and old “Annie” films, Diaz breaks down her relationship with 11-year-old actress Quvenzhané Wallis and Jamie Foxx‘s creative song to get the pronunciation of her name right.

Diaz also gives her insightful take on the current trends in tabloid media and their rumors involving her and Diddy.  Transitioning to a lighter mood, DB asks Diaz some very entertaining questions, find out:

  • Who her first kiss was
  • Her celebrity crush
  • If she’s ever approached a guy first
  • What her porn name would be

Find out these answers and more below.

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