Cam Newton Wins 2016 NFL MVP and Offensive Player of the Year

Cam Newton Wins 2016 NFL MVP and Offensive Player of the Year

Since the season began, the Carolina Panthers were on a pace never before seen by the franchise. They had their eyes set on a perfect 16-0 but were tripped up by their division rival Atlanta Falcons in Week 16. A huge reason behind their success is none other than quarterback, leader and now MVP…Cam Newton.

“Dab on ’em” the phrase has turned the entire nation into a Cam Newton fan club thanks to the quarterback’s popular end zone celebration, one that he credits his younger brother for coming up with. When you see the same number one jersey reaching the end zone 45 times, 35 by air mail and 10 on the ground, it doesn’t surprise you anymore. But what did surprise the world was just how generous Newton is off the field – not only choosing to give away a football after every score to a lucky kid (even when opposing players try to stop him) but he brought the popular end zone dance to his “Thanksgiving Jam” event helping out over 500 families.

This MVP award was well deserved and caught nobody by surprise. Cam Newton was without a doubt the best player in football this year but more importantly the team success is still being held above his own. The Panthers are set to face off against the Arizona Cardinals with a NFC Championship on the line and a shot at the Lombardi Trophy in Super Bowl 50.

Congrats to Cam Newton and best of luck the rest of this season!

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