Cam Newton Freestyles on Sway in the Morning + Speaks on Media Pressure & Growth

Cam Newton stopped by our Super Bowl edition of Sway in the Morning, as we broadcasted from the NFL head quarters — and along with kicking a freestyle with HB.

Cam moves on to speak about who has the strongest running game — then addresses the Press Conference incident where he walked away from the mic.

“I’ve grown as a person, when you’re 21, I’m 24 now, there are things I may do today that I may not do next year… it’s about growth on the field, and as a person.” Mr. Newton tells us.

Did you know Cam is currently listening to Bey’s Drunk in Love on his playlist? Along with some Jay Z, T.I. and Jhene Aiko! Watch above for more of Cam Newton’s thoughts on the big game.

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