Calloway Curated” Spotify Playlist Week 2/25

Calloway Curated” Spotify Playlist Week 2/25

The past two weeks have been filled with releases from heavy hitters. Whether it is the more-vulnerable side of Offset on his solo project “FATHER OF 4” or the bass-intense collaboration from the new-wave Doja Cat and Rico Nasty on “Tia Tamera,” music listeners had soundtracks for every occasion. As always, the vibe of “Calloway Curated” gives Spotify enthusiasts a sprinkle of different musical flavors, but two standout track vibes would definitely be Jola Yvés’ “Make Moves” and Kehlani’s “Footsteps” (feat. Musiq Soulchild). While Yvés gives us an experimental take on feel-good R&B, Kehlani transcends time and transports us back to the ‘90s without losing her ever so contemporary honey-like voice. Maybe it’s Kehlani’s reminiscence on her album “While We Wait” or maybe it’s Drake’s finally available 2009 mixtape “So Far Gone,” but it seems the people are nostalgic about a time before whatever political blur is happening nowadays. 

New Adds:

  1. Footsteps – Kehlani feat. Musiq Soulchild
  2. Lick – Offset
  3. Tia Tamera – Doja Cat feat. Rico Nasty
  4. Uptown – Drake feat. Bun B & Lil Wayne
  5. Pissed – Saweetie
  6. Ignorant Shit – Drake feat. Lil Wayne
  7. Love Language – Kehlani
  8. Make Moves – Jola Yvés
  9. 40 Shades of Choke – Ari Lennox
  10. Wet – Leegit
  11. RPG – Kehlani feat. 6lack
  12. Cuco – Alex Villafana feat. Davie Fuego & Yo-Chris
  13. 777 – lilbootycall feat. Cuco & Kwe$t
  14. Ashtray –  Ian Matthew
  15. Fine Ass – Kalan.FrFr
  16. Late Night Drive – Yo Trane
  17. Bring It Back – BOYFRN
  18. Howdy Do – Quinn Anthony feat. Kaio-Kane
  19. Hoverboard Flows – JMacDonough

We reached 3K PLAYLIST FOLLOWERS this week! Thank you to everyone for opening Spotify and listening to the playlist! It means the world to us. Keep sending us suggestions and your own music! All of the music that is submitted is listened to. Also, just because your music may not make it on the playlist this week doesn’t mean it isn’t great music. It just may not fit the vibe of the week, but never stop hustlin’ and working on your craft. And, most importantly, always strive to push the culture forward!

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