Calen Chan Runs the World’s Largest Parkour Course

You do not have to be into parkour to appreciate the talents of these athletes. Over the years we have all seen some stunning parkour skills, as well as plenty of fails. Well, today we get to watch as Calen Chan Runs the World’s Largest Parkour Course. It all took place recently at the Skyladder Parkour court, the world’s largest parkour course, in which 19-year-old free runner Calen Chan showed off his skills. The course features an incline of 45 degrees and is 999 steps long.

Thanks to his well-mounted GoPro, Calen takes us on the run with him, giving us a first person view of the adventure in the process. Along the way we also see tourists sitting, taking photos and trying to dodge Mr. Chan’s run in the process. Check out the intense and eye-catching clip below and speak your thoughts on it after the jump. Stay tuned for more from the world of action sports coming soon.

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