Busta Rhymes Talks Eminem Record, Loaded Lux Diss, Leaving Cash Money & Trendy Rap Flows


Legendary rapper, Busta Rhymes recently sat down with Sway recently at Shade 45 to discuss a multitude of things. Busta finally got to clear up rumors about him and his legendary career. Rhymes first addressed if he actually lost a record to Nas, which appeared on the fellow New Yorker’s Illmatic album. He even revealed he and the Leaders of the New School would ever reunite. Busta went on to explain what happened between he and Eminem when they worked on the “Calm Down ” record. Busta also addressed the Loaded Lux diss thrown at him at the Total Slaughter Rap Battle. Additionally, the Brooklyn rapper spoke about what lead to him leaving Cash Money Records for his career. Additionally, he spoke about his unique rap style and why he calmed it down. Rhymes continued to speak about his music career and when we can all expect to hear his new album.

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