Bun B on Being The Best Rapper Alive

Bun B on Being The Best Rapper Alive

Photo by YSKSK Media

Sway usually does the elaborate introductions, but today, Bun B started this Houston live broadcast interview by introducing our very own Sway Calloway.

Not only did Bun B drop gems – per usual – but these two reminisced on the time Bun pressed play on Jeezy’s music for the very time for Sway.

And if you follow Bun, you’ll notice he’s a professor at a private college. While hanging out with us on Sway in the Morning, he addressed these Political times to us and breaks down how he would share and challenge his students.

Out of all of his ventures and accomplishments, B-U-N-B wanted to be known as the greatest rapper alive.

“But it’s not about being the best lyricist or the best rapper.” This Houston legend tells us, “I wanna be known as the rapper that contributed most to the culture and to the people.”

Watch below for our full interview.

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