Buddy Speaks on Being From Compton + Performs “Trouble On Central” & “Hey Up There” Live

Buddy Speaks on Being From Compton + Performs “Trouble On Central” & “Hey Up There” Live

Compton-native, Buddy made his way to Sway’s Universe early in the morning ready to go, offering a contagious high energy to those present. Reminiscing on his first interview with Sway on TRL, the Harlan & Alondra rapper speaks on shining light on the city and the influence his upbringing had on his debut studio album.

Being someone exuding artistry and creativity, his parents enrolled Buddy in a performing arts high school in Long Beach and in other activities away from his hometown in order to keep him from dangerous situations that are known to the area. The rapper discloses growing up and being part of Wendy Raquel Robinson’s non-profit AGC (Amazing Grace Conservatory) a NAACP award winning program that focuses on performing arts training such as acting and dancing. These opportunities have helped Buddy as a performer as he got to be involved and network with other people from the city and in the entertainment industry. This led him to meeting music supervisor Scott Vener who got him a role as an extra on ‘Entourage,’ eventually connecting him with Pharrell- who produced his 2012 track “Inspired.” Williams who also influenced the creation of the 2018 standout “Black” featuring A$AP Ferg, came about from Buddy learning and feeling empowered over Black History Month— leading him to make a strong statement but also taking his time to make sure it had all the right elements.

His personality is carefree and almost nonchalant speaking on getting beats from Kaytranada, recalling meeting the Montreal DJ-producer casually because the girls he was hanging out with at the time were going to his party. Kaytra and Buddy’s connection stemmed from there, resulting in e-mailed beats, and the rest is history. Closing out with the Harlan & Alondra track “Trouble on Central” Buddy follows to perform “Hey Up There” with assisted vocals from Torrence, CA native artist on the rise, Rae Khalil.

In collaboration with Red Bull, Buddy will be performing a birthday show “Holla At Ya Boy” at the Fonda theatre in Los Angeles on the 9/10 with all the proceeds from tickets going to schools in Compton. “Holla At Ya Boy” is sold-out but for future shows, you can follow @Buddy on all platforms.

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