Red Light Special with Bryson Tiller: Why He Didn’t Sign with Drake and OVO

Bryson Tiller is an up and coming R&B artist from Louisville, whose song Don’t blew up with millions of hits. Before releasing his project TRAPSOUL, which reached #12 on the Billboard 200, he inked a deal with RCA.

However, following cosigns from Timbaland and Drake, Tiller was approached by Drake and Noah “40” Shebib about signing with OVO. He considers Drake a big brother figure in his career, but ultimately went with RCA to establish a long-lasting brand.

For more details, listen to Rob Markman’s (who recently because the manager of artist relations at Red Light Special Podcast, where they go in depth about the music on TRAPSOUL and Tiller’s balance between R&B and hip-hop.

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