Bruza Breaks Down Influence of "Drill Rap" in Chicago, Concept of "Backpack Trap" + Freestyles Live

Chicago has put its stamp on music with varying styles and artists showcasing an extremely diverse talent pool that got a little more impressive thanks to Bruza. The East Side native helped us understand little more behind the concept of the popular “Drill Rap” movement that comes from his area with artists like Lil Bibby and Lil Herb. But, more so explains his route with the “Backpack Trap” project offering a hybrid approach based on what has influenced him over these 10 years of hard work. Bruza the General as called via Twitter and IG, definitely has found that pocket that fits comfortably as he attacks the Erick Sermon choice instrumental live on air. A lot of artists say they’re hungry while others you can look in their eyes and sense their stomach rumbling, this Chitown native definitely falls into the second category. Looking forward to hearing more from Bruza in the near future.

Check out the interview and a dope freestyle with an acapella touch at the end below:

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