The Studio gets Filled with "Brotherly Love" as Queen Latifah's Cast Speaks in Gratitude + Cory Hardrict Talks Oscar Win

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

We all have choices in life. Regardless of the circumstance we were born into (and whatever situation we may currently be going through). Nonetheless, we all have a choice. As human beings, we can choose to sit back and let life get the best of us — or move forward and push harder to win in life, regardless of the situation at hand.

These next stand-up men are living and breathing, by the latter.

Gratitude is a beautiful trait, and Cory Hardrict shines with it. He came through the studio, recalling on the passing of his mother and the promise he made to her. By the Grace of his destiny, that promise has come to fruition; Cory spoke  to Sway on his Oscar Award win for his part in the film, American Sniper.

But just because he checked one goal off of his bucket list, it doesn’t mean he’s going to stop any time soon. Cory continues to add on to his blessing as he is gearing up for his upcoming film titled, Brotherly Love which was Executive Produced by Queen Latifah. Bringing in his fellow cast mates from the film: Bronx’s own, Eric D. Hill and Columbian supreme, Julito McCullum whom are equally grateful human beings. The film not only has these stand-up men, but Queen Latifah decided to stunt on everyone and include a huge list of major acts, such as: Miss Keke Palmer and even Macy Gray (yes, the soul-stress singer).

From the words of our very own Kelly Kinkaid, this movie is plain and simply — about choices. And we all love choices, don’t we?

Let them tell their story and watch the full interview, below:


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