Breonna Taylor’s Boyfriend certain cops did not announce themselves

Breonna Taylor’s Boyfriend certain cops did not announce themselves

SAY HER NAME. The story of Breonna Taylor lives on because her boyfriend lived to tell the story. No camera footage, or legit testimonials from witnesses. During an interview with Gale King on CBS Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker has recalled and shared his insights to the night that she was shot and killed by police in her own home.

While speaking to CBS this morning, Mr. Walker said he is a million percent sure that the officers did not identify themselves before entering the home, in fact, he states that they never even fully entered the home. Once he let his warning shot off they began to spray bullets into their unit, he even states that he imagines that’s how war sounds. Upon getting arrested Kenneth states that he found out from the news that his girlfriend had died from the bullets he revealed that the law officers who searched the apartment after she had been horrifically shot did not even appear to try to save Breonna as she laid on the floor lifeless. 

Needless to say, none of the three officers have been charged directly over the killing. But in the words of the great Trey Songz stated on his single “2020 Riots: How Many Times

Playin’ in a park, takin’ your jog

Sittin’ on the couch, in your own house

Never seem to matter what we do

You think we don’t matter, but we do.”

  1. Again I ask as I’ve been asking, why would they obtain a no-knock warrant then announce themselves? Their lie doesn’t make sense, but yet it is still being considered as valid because people want it to be. These are whole lawyers and judges ignoring obvious logic…crooked and unreal.

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