Breaking The Blue Wall: Former Baltimore Officer Exposes Police Misconduct

When it comes to police brutality in America, for years America has simply elected to bury its head in the sand; refusing to acknowledge (or accept) that not every officer adheres to their oath “To Serve and Protect.” Now a former police officer has come forward to share his own experiences while on the force, shedding light on a terrifying reality that others have been living with for decades.

A former marine and Baltimore Police Sergeant, Michael Wood Jr. took to Twitter to offer his own account of 14 years spent on the force, revealing repeated incidences of excessive force and general misconduct which included “Targeting 16-24 year old black males essentially because we arrest them more, perpetrating the circle of arresting them more.”

While the Baltimore Police Department has not responded to the claims a spokesperson has confirmed that Wood left the force last year. The BPD remains under scrutiny following the death of Baltimore resident Freddie Gray, whose autopsy results revealed earlier this week that he died following a “High-Energy Injury.”

“The officers don’t see it as being so egregious, because people like Freddie Gray are so ingrained as ‘thems,'” Wood recently explained while illustrating how minorities are often treated differently by law enforcement.

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