Boy George raps for the first time in public + talks about Karma Karma Karma Karma Karma Chameleon's With Us In-Studio + Talks About His Music Influence's & Experimentation's

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

Boy George tells DJ Wonder to turn on his tune, to get the ladies to tumble!

This man screams pure culture and sex appeal, in-and-of-himself. In this special in-studio series, Boy George connects the melting pot and diversity in the room in his music — as he gets Sway to sing his famous tune:

Karma Karma Karma chameleon!

But don’t let his English accent fool you. This London beau grew up listening to reggae music and soul with influences by legends, Glady’s Knight and James Brown. With that being said, he admits that his legendary band “Culture Club” wasn’t typical and explains why authenticity is important to long lasting art as he states in his own words:

But I think because we didn’t know what the rules were, we kind of just put a band together with all the coolest people we knew and ended up kind of just being this cultural mix. Which is why we ended up calling the band Culture Club … because we were everything. We were United Nations (as he charmingly giggles).

Boy George continued the conversation by recalling on great nostalgic events of his past shows that have stuck with him in his memories and also chimes in on him being a Gemini in the horoscope world, which scares the crew full of Cancer and Scropio’s.

But don’t fret too much, because this man eases the air as he talks about the beautiful garden that surrounds Sam Smith’s home who now lives right by him (unfortunately, he admits he cannot eaves drop due to the garden).

The man also breaks down the difference between House and EDM music, bass and beats — and also speaks his love for 90’s Hip Hop. He hilariously gets Heather B to break down to a classic Audio Two beat! It’s amazing and you need to watch it (F.Y.I.: begins @13:44).

P.S. – This single man is about to team up with Bunim/Murray Productions to develop a docu-series chronicling said relocation and has just released a new single with his band Culture Club called “More Than Silence“, so keep an eye out!


Listen to “More Than Silence” below:

  1. This is the second time you guys have made a post referring to a video that is nonexistent. You even post a timecode to a video that you didn’t post. Don’t let Sway down like this. You can write a whole page about a video and then forget to post the video. WTH?!

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