Bob Saget Has no Hard Feelings about the Olsen Twins, Opens up About his Dating Life & Tweeting Kanye Lyrics

Video by YSKSK Media

People all over the world watched Bob Saget portray a calm, level-headed father of three over the course 1987-1995 on “Full House.” With three daughters of own now, Saget has gone on to flourish in comedy and other acting roles.

Bringing the cast back together minus the Olsen twins, “Fuller House” is now available to stream on Netflix. Saget joins the Sway in the Morning studios to fill us in on life back on set. Saget is quick to repel rumors of anger towards the Olsen twins for not taking part in the show. Revealing that they sat down for dinner recently, Saget commends their dedication to fashion.

Cracking joins in open air and under his breath, Saget’s comedic relief is never fully turned off. He jokes about all the women on the show growing up to be incredibly gorgeous which will draw in an audience of older men.

Speaking on his own dating life we hear Saget’s newly set age limit of 30 as his daughters now range from 23-29. With Tinder and Snapchat off the table Saget fills us in on his favorite emoji’s.

If you follow Saget on Twitter you might have seen his nod to Kanye West by tweeting some lyrics to “Highlights.”

He jokes that good rap makes him laugh and Kanye has hit the nail on the head with the above line. Check out the full interview and head to Netflix to see all 13 episodes of the first season of “Fuller House.”

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