Boaz kept his Faith strong in his remix to "Apparently" by J.Cole

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

We all know how fire “Apparently” was when J.Cole dropped it on everyone, at the end of 2014. When you bare a track down to it’s essentials; i.e.: a piano, a simple percussion and maybe an electric guitar — you leave room for the lyrics of the artist to shine. J.Cole undoubtedly did his thing on this track and the music world is forever grateful. But this remix right here, may definitely be up for second place.

Boaz (a.k.a.: Bo) is a rapper from Larimer, Pittsburg who was at the edge of losing himself in the violence and despair within the community. If you’re not familiar with this city — let’s just say, the residents of this community are largely amongst the poorest in Pittsburgh and are struggling to stay afloat in America.

In an interview, Bo was quoted speaking in terms of his town, saying:

“Damn near everybody I did music with is in the penitentiary or dead.”

He continued to say,

Pittsburgh is one of those places where, if you can make it here, if you can be respected in these streets—you can do it anywhere. It’s that cutthroat.”

Today, Bo stands before us with a proper freestyle to J.Cole‘s well-acclaimned single, “Apparently” to tell his story. In the track he spits,

” My only goal is to teach y’all / Could care less about the record deal “

Giving his respects to a few legends as he raps:

” Pimp C you forever trill / 1-B you forever trill / I mean the sh!t these nigga’s taught me / I know your school teachers never will “

Take a listen to Bo‘s version, below:

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