Blake Lively's Favorite Cuss Word, What it's Like Being Married to Ryan Reynolds + Competition With Other Women

The talented, gorgeous and funny Blake Lively made her way to Sway in the Morning this morning and talked about all things acting and marriage.

Being a Gossip Girl fan, Sway talked about the show and asked about a possible movie coming up and even surprised Blake with a blast from the past — an old co-star of Gossip Girl.

While in-studio, we also surprised Blake with a question from her husband, and fellow big-screen actor, Ryan Reynolds. What’s her favorite cuss word? Her answer will undoubtedly make you chuckle in your seat.

Starring in Age of Adaline (hitting theaters this Friday), Blake opens up about the film and fan-girling Harrison Ford on-set. And Sway almost spoiled the ending of the movie with his genuinely curious question. Lol.

Plus, what does Blake think about competition amongst fellow women in the industry? Watch below.

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