Blake Lively Shares The Truth About Her Body + Speaks On Her Role in “The Shallows”

With her new movie “The Shadows” taking over Shark Week so much so that they moved it back, Blake Lively joins Sway in the Morning to speak on her role in the film.

Opening up about the plot line of the movie she jokes about her mom thinking it was actually her gliding through the ocean in the surf scenes. Although she learned to paddle and get up on the board she speaks on having the No.1 junior surfer in the world doing her stunts. A surviver story throughout Lively is nearly solo the whole film with the exception of a bird who “wouldn’t shut up” during the filming process.

Using the same animators that work on Shark Week, Lively reveals that the debut of the movie actually pushed Shark Week back. She goes on to say that they also filmed a PSA for Shark Week to let viewers know that the majority of these beautiful yet powerful animals are not out for blood.

Before she leaves we hear Lively defend her comments about having an LA face and an Oakland booty. Simply celebrating her curves and the body she is proud of she just wants people to be comfortable in their own skin. She also opens up about the beauty of giving birth as she wishes people would stop looking at women who just gave birth as needing to lose the weight they’ve gained.

Check out the full interview above and keep up with Blake Lively on Twitter @blakelively.

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